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Spam and Virus protection: 

Skylink Wireless Internet LLC takes measures to reduce spam and viruses from reaching your computer, however it is highly recommended that you also protect your own equipment with up to date virus protection.  A virus can cause severe damage to your system, steal your private data, and create a very sluggish computer. 

If you are struggling with these issues we can help!  We can perform anything from a minor cleanup on your system to diagnosing and repairing or replacing hardware. 

Family Filters:

We at Skylink strongly encourage the use of appropriate family filters to protect your family.  While the Internet is an invaluable resource, it does harbor many dangers as well. 

We are pleased to announce that we have partnered with Router Limits to provide filtering, and parental controls for your family's safety. Filtering is available for portable devices such as phones and tablets with the advanced plan.  Please contact us for details.